• Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Physiology of the Skin
  • Cells, Systems and Structures
  • Face Reality Acne Specialist
  • ENVIRON Certified Esthetician
  • Microcurrent Specialist
  • Facial Contouring Massage Certified
  • Corneotherpy Institute
  • Microneedling 1, 2 and 3
  • 302 Skincare Specialist
  • LPG Certified Endermologie

Advanced Certifications:

  • Face Reality Advanced Acne Specialist
  • Advanced Peels

Hi! My name is Jane Mann.

jane-dogIn 1988, I graduated from the University of Iowa and began a career in market research. As an independent contractor, I worked for Anheuser Busch, Ocean Pacific, Millers Outpost, Christian Dior, Clarions, and other widely known corporations for almost 18 years. In 2005, while working on an editorial calendar for a publishing company, I found my true love, esthetics. Since then, I have combined my knowledge and ability to separate what works and why with the latest science and years of experience.

I started Skinworks and began my career as a licensed Esthetician. Skinworks’ mission is to offer effective skin treatments that make a difference. Nestled in between the Las Vegas strip and the picturesque Red Rock mountains, Skinworks Skincare Clinic offers more than just a relaxing facial. We get to the root of the skin issue. Most skincare lines on the market only mask the symptoms the skin is showing. That’s why most people are only happy with a skincare line for up to a year. At that point their skin stops responding and begins to erupt and often many times worse than before. As you may have experienced, many products sold today do not produce the results the advertisements claim, or worse have made your skin more sensitive and reactionary. You are not alone. I have spent countless hours and dollars on researching what works, before I suggest or use products on my clients.

One of the most valuable tools I have is the ability to customize a product to address your skin’s top concern. When that “cause” is corrected, we move on to secondary concerns. I specialize in sensitive skin. My knowledge is more conclusive and in-depth than a general esthetician. I have continued my education with proven academic professionals, doctors and scientists who really understand the nature of skins barrier and how to regenerate, replenish and support it for the best results. Please look at the services offered, I am here to answer your questions and improve your skin.

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