Acne and Other Sensitive Skin Issues

Acne is a skin condition that effects almost 85% of sensitive skin clients. It can be genetic or environmentally caused, but the result is a true burden for those who have struggled with ineffective approaches.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and I take that into consideration when beginning to work with new clients. This approach is effective, but not always immediate. Many times, I need to reverse prior damage done and restore the skin barrier. The skin barrier is considered the “roof” to the skin. It keeps the good stuff in and helps protect the inside from environmental pollutants, aggravating ingredients in skincare products and even sweat. If the barrier is dysfunctional, many times any approache to restore skin balance is ineffective.

There are numerous ways to address aggravated skin, and after a detailed question and answer session, we discuss the options I would recommend and why. Typically, I ask you to commit to 3 months of working together, to begin to see true change and the skin rebuilding.

Acne Consultation

60 minutes | $95

This is a one hour discussion in which we will review your prior products, doctors, treatment, successes and failures. You receive a book that highlights aggravating products and ingredients and recommendations for better choices for your sensitive skin.


Acne Consultation & Treatment


This facial is a first-time facial with treatment. As I examine your face for clues to the root cause of the disruptions, I tediously clean each pore and begin the repair process. You also get a FREE 2-week sample package of the products I will recommend. Yes, the package of products is at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.


Post Acne Scars

Requires a consultation.

Cleansing Only


Deep Clean


This facial takes a pore by pore look at your skin and clears any dead skin cells and product waste. Treatment varies due to skin health, durability and product history.


Extreme Clean


I won’t lie, it can be painful, especially if you are a woman and close to your cycle, dehydrated, have allergies, or are hungover. I prep the skin with a pore dilator, and occlude it with warm towels to help buffer the pain. I wear surgical glasses that isolate the pores and the debris to be cleaned and go to town till your face appears poreless and pristine. If there are issues that hinder the facial or I feel it is too aggressive, I will recommend the “deep” clean and we can work up from there.


The Salt Facial


The salt facial is quickly becoming one of my most popular facials. It uses pure microfine sea salt to gently exfoliate the skin. One common misconception is it microdermabrasion, but it is not. The Salt Facial uses a positive pressure, it actually blows salt into the skin, lifting the skin cells gently up and removing them. After the exfoliation, we ultrasound custom serums in to the skin to hydrate and nourish the cells. Ultrasound is a technology the penetrate products much deeper in to the skin. The final step is rejuvenation the skin with LED therapy. LED is proven to increase cellular activity increasing collagen to make skin tighter and more reflective.