Facial Contouring Massage $249-$399

Online Classes

Classes are available to anyone desiring to learn the basics of Facial Contouring Massage.

The $249.00 is a nuts and bolts of the massage.  There is no supplemental work, however will really give you an idea if FCM is for you.

The $399.00 is an ongoing learning environment that reinforces what you have learned with facts, professional interviews and updated moves when available. There are group conversations and places to answer questions you may have on the course.

The Basics of FCM Class

Facial Contour Massage Class

Facial Contouring Massage

LIVE Classes

NEW for 2020! Jane’s classes are now expanded to a 2-day class on the Facial Contour Massage (FCM). You will have more in-depth training and hands-on time!

FCM is a facial technique that elevates the results of a typical microcurrent facial by engaging and working with the superficial fascial network. Fascia, is one of the most overlooked contributors to aging, and easily could be referred to as the hidden fountain of youth inside our bodies. By releasing the facial restriction, we rehydrate the tissue and restore it to its regular shape. It is this hydrated and supple quality to the fascia Jane believes this technique yields the most miraculous anti-aging and reverse aging benefits, especially when combined with microcurrent.

**Online Class is a prerequisite to attend any of Jane’s Live Classes. Please purchase the online class separately. For those who have already taken the online class, at check-out please include in the comments the name & date the online class was paid for.

*CLASSES SIZES ARE CAPPED* Once it is sold out online, we will not be taking anymore students for that date.


Las Vegas, NV

  • January 18*
  • January 19*
  • August 23-24

*January 18 and January 19 are available in 2 separate days

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Hickory, NC

  • February 22-23
  • May 16-17
  • September 20-21

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Irvine, CA

  • March 21-22
  • October 18-19

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First Time Students: Taking the ONLINE Class is not prerequisite to attending the LIVE class, however strongly recommend!