Lightstim LED Bed

It is know that aging begins with inflammation and that is why I am a huge believer of LED beds to help the body rejuvenate from the inside by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. The Lightstim LED Bed is a soothing and natural -non invasive treatment utilizing the power of LightStim MultiWave┬« Patented Technology.


Q: My tanning salon has a red bed. How is this different.
A: Not all beds are created differently, The lightstim bed has a patented plexiglass that allows for full penetration of the LED light to be absorbed in to the skin. It is also know that the most effective way for light to work is to have the body lay directly on the bed of lights. That is why we only have one side.

Q: How long do I lay on the bed?
A: For light therapy to be most effective, a formula is created. It is the light Nano meter; meaning how far the light is absorbed in to the skin, with the power or strength of the light to equal an amount of time for maximum absorption. The FDA cleared the success of this bed at 20 minutes each side for maximum results.

Q: How many times do I have to use before I notice something.
A: Every client is different and depending on the health of the client everyone will notice results at a different rate. Most tend to see changes in skin, mood, pain, and overall well being with in 6 sessions.

Q: How often can I use it?
A: It is safe for everyday use.

Q: Can I replace this will my monthly facials?
A: LED is extremely effective for the rejuvenation the skin. While skin maintenance is always recommended, you can switch it up and try weekly LED treatments for 8 weeks. Benefits you may notice is smoother, rejuvenated skin. Tighter skin and refreshed color.