What Most Don’t Tell You About Sensitive Skin

You can be born with sensitive skin or create it through products that strip the skin barrier.

Those born with sensitive skin can often trace it to health, digestive, and/or disrupted cellular functions. They likely had parents with the same sensitivities. Many times accompanied by autoimmune and/or inflammatory based issues.

Self Imposed Sensitive Skin Issues (SISS) is the most common. Aggressive use of OTC products strip the barrier. If you combine a poor diet, low water intake, and toss in stress and lack of sleep, you’ve created a recipe for SISSI without even trying!

Whether you are born with sensitive skin or have, you’re in the right place. The next step is to get help so you can heal it.

At the first appointment, we will discuss your history, the products you are using, and how it is effecting your skin.

There are many facials to choose from. If you have over-reactive problamatic skin, it is worth taking the time for the consultation. The consultation will give you an in-depth perspective of “why” your skin is reacting a certain way.

If you have skin that is reactive to certain products, but it is under control, then a deep cleaning is a great facial to start with.

Either way, you leave with beautiful clean skin, a new perspective, and more knowledge to help you make the best decision for your skin in the future

Restorative Facials

Restorative facials are a blend of effective facials that return the youth and glow to the skin.  Combing one or more of these facials on a monthly basis helps assist skin  regeneration and builds collagen and elastin. 


Starts at $150.00

Is a gentle technology the pairs subtle waveforms with Microcurrents to increase the cellular energy in the cells. Energetic cells, equal healthy youthful skin, . produce better collagen, elastin and toned muscles.

Venus Viva

Price starts at $550.00

The gold standard in mixing radio frequency with micro needles. This is a low downtime facial that produces amazing results. Most times a consultation will be needed before a treatment can be performed. If you choose this, choose a Viva consultation.

Mini Peel


This is a perfect solution for minor pigmentation or if done in a series of 6, equate to the major peel. The peel is designed to help restore skin balance, as well as color irregularities and sun damage. It is safe for all skin types and colors.

Major Peel


This peel is a game changer when it comes to refreshing tired or pigmented skin. However, it is not to be taken lightly. The peel is a 2&2. That means it requires a 2 day, 2 hour commitment, as well as following the 6-day protocol to a “T”. If done yearly, it can take years off your face and keep the skin producing collagen year around.  (See FAQ below for more information.) 

What is a Major Peel?
We use the Elaine Brennen Skin renewal system. This peel is unique in that the treatment not only produces a superior peeling that is safe, but is also extremely effective. It achieves a true rejuvenation of the skin resulting in the dramatic improvement in its elasticity, texture and color. Some peelings can destroy the cells in the deeper layers of the epidermis, which can damage the delicate skin tissues. This unique peeling formulation, removes any risks by using special base ingredients which have no penetration properties and cannot carry the peeling process too deeply into the skin. Therefore, there are no toxic side-effects.
What to Expect?
  • Evens skin tone
  • Clears acne, improves post acne scaring and normalizes skin oilyness
  • Improves wrinkles and dry skin, fine lines and the appearance of aging skin
  • Brightens, evens tone and texture
  • Treats hyper pigmentation and melasma
  • Reverses sun damage
  • Stimulates collagen grow and elastin for firmer skin

6 – 10 days

  • Day one and 2. Subtle redness
  • Day 3, a bit swollen with the appearance of a sun burn
  • Day 4, the skin is tighter and one might look as though they have never used sunscreen
  • Day 5, peeling begins around the mouth
  • Day 6, full effect of peeling on the face while neck and forehead stay intact
  • Day 7, normally will remove excess skin or if the peel is still intact will make an appointment for day 9

Other FAQs

Q: Can I drive, go to the store, walk the dog?

A: Yes, if you are completely covered up with no facial exposure.

Q: Can I take a shower and wash my hair?

A: No, but you can take a bath but do NOT wash your hair.

Q: Can my stylist wash my hair and dry it?

A: Yes, if you have a towel over your face to ensure it does not get wet.

Q: Will I scare my kids or the pizza delivery person?

A: Maybe, but explain you will lovely in 5 more days.

Q: Can I sleep on my side?

A: This depends on your pain tolerance, but I suggest you sleep on your back.

Q: Can I go hiking, sking, or to the beach the following week?

A: No

Q: Can I go hiking, sking, or to the beach if I wear a hat, sunblock, and sunglasses?

A: No

Q: Do I really lay down for 2 hours 2 days in a row with this peel on my face?

A: Yes

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Not really, you have a fan.

Q: Does it hurt more the 2nd day?

A: No