Acne Evaluation & Consultation

45 minutes | $50

Learn about your skin type, its conditions, and the type of acne you have. We examine and test your skin to learn its special needs and tolerances. We will custom-design a home care routine for you to follow to help achieve clear, healthy skin. The evaluation may be done alone or you may continue right into an acne treatment. If you continue into a treatment in the same appointment, we waive the cost of the consult (a $50 value).


Acne Treatments

Starting at $75

Acne treatments will vary according to individual need.


Back Acne Treatment or Chest Acne Treatment

Starting at $75 | As an add-on to face treatment Starting at $50

Many individuals with face acne, also experience chest acne and back acne. Sometimes, chest or back acne will appear even though the face is clear. The back and the chest are treated differently because the skin is much thicker on the back than on the chest. The price variance has to do with the extent of the body acne and therefore the time and area involved.

Facial Contouring Massage with Microcurrent Facial

One time | $125.00

Microcurrent offers the ultimate option in facial rejuvenation. It improves skin tone and elasticity, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and offers intense hydration.


Facial Contouring Massage with Microcurrent Facial

Series | $95.00

Choose this if you are already a client with Skinworks. This procedure noticeably firms and contours the skin, improves circulation, and encourages smoother & softer skin. The treatment allows for complete product penetration in order to hydrate and revitalize the affected areas, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.


Microcurrent & Hydrating Facial


This facial is a 90 minute facial that includes a cleanse, microdermabrasion or enzyme peel, as well as a 50 minute Micocurrent treatment. Perfect as a monthly maintenance.

Endermologie Body Treatments

Endermologie body sessions are 35-40 minutes per treatment. Every treatment is customized to the individual. Some people need extra focus on the tummy and thighs; others may need attention to their arms and buttocks. The Endermologist will focus on each individual’s needs and then provide a full body Endermologie treatment.


Endermologie Single Area Treatments

Although we recommended an entire body treatment, there is the option to treat specific areas of the body. When focusing on one specific area of the body, sessions normally run from 10-15 minutes depending on the area of the body. The most popular areas are the tummy, buttocks, the arms, and the thighs. Single area treatments are designed for either the healthier client that has a little cellulite in just one area or for clients that have loose skin in only one area. Treating one area of the body doesn’t exclude the client from the need of a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and proper hydration.


Endermologie Facials

Endermologie facials are 10-15 minutes per treatments. The face, the area below the chin, and the neck are the areas of focus when facials are performed. Endermologie facials can help sinus drainage, lymphatic drainage, and decrease the appearance of wrinkles and scars.


Please call or schedule an appointment for Endermologie pricing. More information about Endermologie here.

LED Facial Evaluation & Consultation


We will take a look at your skin and inquire about your skin concerns.  We can determine if LED is the best course of action as a primary or secondary treatment.  A mini – LED facial will be performed to introduce the technology and benefits.

Teen Hydrating Facial

45 minutes | $65.00

Facial, exfoliation and hydration to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

The above menu is a sample menu of services and may change periodically to keep current with client needs and industry standards. Prices will always be commensurate with treatments offered and clients’ care determined on a case-by-case basis.