What Others Say

These are just a few of the many testimonials received for the life-changing work Jane does in treating acne.

It’s 5 Days After My First Facial and My Skin Has Never Looked Better

Jane is super clean and professional. I love how she doesn’t talk much during the facial and she explains what she needs to. I had horrible reactions to past facials and treatments that left me with acne cysts that were huge and painful. Jane helped me out on that from the first appointment. She also guides you in what you should eat and what chemicals to avoid.  I love her open mind on all natural products. So far-it’s been 5 days after my first facial and my skin has never looked better.  I am also trying the line 302 and it has been pretty good on keeping my skin clear and firm.  I will update once I get a few more facials in. Lauen T. 04.24.2018

She (Jane) Nurtures Your Spirit, Gives Tips…To Remove Toxins…Foods to Avoid…Integral Part of My Progress

This review is super late, but I must share my experience with Jane. First off, before I saw her, my skin was in bad shape. For someone who’s never had any skin problems through her early 20s, I was desperate for help. For 3 years, I struggled with cystic acne, horrible scarring, and OVERLY oily skin.  Hundreds of dollars spent on every kind of wannabe skin “miracle” (AKA: toxic poisons in the form of Proactiv, Acne Free, Clinique, etc.) I was even prescribed pills and I had no changes but the breakouts increased. Itching skin, when one pimple would pop, one would grow right next to it and stay for weeks….bad!

By the time I got to my appointment with Jane, I was basically defeated and she felt my energy. The very first day she educated me on MY skin and how it all works. Then she developed essentially a “12-step” plan of attack for me to get results. Exactly 2 weeks after my first facial with her, my skin was CLEAR. I repeat CLEAR!!! Just remember, Jane’s plan of change in your skin isn’t just the products she uses or recommends, she takes a holistic approach to the internal care of your whole body. She nurtures your spirit with her positivity, gives tips on what changes to make in your home to remove toxins and tells you what foods to avoid and which to add to nurture your body! Who does that? Certainly not the “reputable dermatologists” I saw. Jane is an integral part of my progress, and she’s been a total blessing to me!

Again, if you decide to surrender your bad skin to Jane, be sure to follow what she says to a T.
Treat it just like a 12-step program. Listen when she says to throw away the toxic products you normally use at home, take your vitamins, drink your water, etc. You will see change! Inside as well as out. Brittany C. 04.06.2018

I Can’t Wait for My Next Visit

Jane is so incredibly knowledgeable. She is straight up with you that results aren’t immediate, but over time the skin will change. She’s very good about predicting what’s needed for your skin to improve. It’s only been about a month since my last visit, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve already seen major improvements with my skin’s condition. If you’re tired of dermatologists treating you like a dollar sign, I highly recommend you give Jane a chance. I can’t wait for my next visit 🙂 Brittney L. 03.26.2018

I Can’t Wait for My Next Visit

Jane is so incredibly knowledgeable. She is straight up with you that results aren’t immediate, but over time the skin will change. She’s very good about predicting what’s needed for your skin to improve. It’s only been about a month since my last visit, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve already seen major improvements with my skin’s condition. If you’re tired of dermatologists treating you like a dollar sign, I highly recommend you give Jane a chance. I can’t wait for my next visit 🙂 Brittney L. 03.26.2018

Jane Will Help You Find the Root Cause of Your Acne

Jane is amazing ! I’m giving her 5 stars because she has CURED my acne that I’ve been struggling with for years. My skin was extremely clogged and I had so many blackheads on my cheeks that would later turn into little red bumps and they never would go away no matter what I did. Most places I’ve been to just gave me a temporary fix for my acne such a peels, microdermabrasion, pills from dermatologist etc. And of course none of those completely healed my skin. Jane will help you find the root cause of your acne whether it’s hormonal, the products you use , laundry detergents and so on. After my first treatment I was scared because I was left marked up a little but that went away within 4-5 days. You just need to be patient because the skin does need to heal itself. The products I’m currently using now are the 302 cleanser and soap bar that Jane recommended. ITS AMAZING !!! I’ve tried so many different cleansers that were supposedly non hypoallergenic, with non-pore clogging ingredients, but they still clogged my pores!!! This cleanser is so gentle and my skin feels so much more balanced ! I had also had very bad blotchy, red skin and hypo pigmentation and Jane also recommended to take omega 3 fish oils and I’ve been taking that every day and WOW my skin texture and tone is pretty much clear now !! Jane is truly a lifesaver. Nicole T. 01.29.2018

I Feel Like I Finally Have My Face Back

Jane is a total lifesaver! When I first visited her in November 2016, my skin was in terrible shape from years of dermatologist-recommended routines (i.e. retin-a & very harsh products) and over the counter products. I have super sensitive skin (diagnosed by Jane), which means these ‘normal’ routines are the exact opposite of what my skin needed —hence the AWFUL breakouts, both in pain & in # of breakouts (upwards of 30 zits at one time). In one session, Jane fully evaluated not only my skincare routine but my ‘lifestyle’ choices (shampoo, diet, laundry detergent, makeup, soaps etc.) and provided me with recommendations for how to heal my skin & change my life. Additionally, Jane followed up with me, without fail, for months after my first session, over the phone / skype as I am not local, and provided tweaks for how I could continuously improve.

Within 3 months, the overwhelming number of breakouts died down to a handful; within 6 months, breakouts became few & far between; within 9 months, the majority of the scars faded & I felt like I finally had my face back!!

Jane truly focuses on HEALING the skin —if I’ve learned anything from working with her, it’s that any product promising a ‘quick-fix’ is a scam & that true transformation is in the daily commitment to a regular and healthy routine. Jane gave me the best tools any skincare professional has ever provided, and believe me when I say I’ve seen them all! The 302 line is absolute magic & her patience & kindness is a true blessing to those suffering with severe acne. For obvious reasons, Jane deserves 5 stars from me 🙂 Janet G. 08.11.2017

My Husband Noticed My Face…Went From Being Acne Skin to Now Flawless

I had bad acne on my jawline, I called Jane and asked her if she could see me the next day as I have a big day coming soon, since it was so urgent she came in on her day off to look at my face and do some extractions, I went home with a red face but in the next 3 days they formed scabs and fell off and left no scars! My husband noticed my face (and it’s a miracle when they do lol) he can’t believe how it went from being acne skin to now Flawless. Thank you Jane. Smisha 08.19.2017

It’s Been a Month Now and My Skin Looks Amazing and Smooth

My girl and I have acne problems and we are really picky with it come to choosing an aesthetician, lucky we were referred to Jane by a friend and we are so happy with the results! Jane is very friendly and detailed oriented! She analyzes your skin and recommends what is the appropriate treatment for you. It took about 1.5 hours for the total treatment and she did a lot of extracting…that’s the worst part. But I’m glad I stuck it out because the results have been amazing!!! It’s been a month now and my skin looks amazing and smooth. She recommend for my complexion to use the daily cleansing bar that she sells for only $20. I’m been following her prescribed regimen and I haven’t had a breakout. Rest a sure that you are in good hands and we can’t wait to book our next appointment! Thank you Jane! We’re looking good!!! Keoni A. 04.13.2017

Extremely Met My Expectations and Gave Me More Than I Expected

Jane is amazing! My first appointment with her was today, 5/25/17 @ 9am. She was on time and greeted me as soon as I walked in. She took the time to explain my skin type to me on an IPad and explained a detailed form of a diagram-that really helped me grasp her knowledge and my skin issues.

She then spent time explaining to me what she believes is giving me breakouts and she was kind enough to take me into a calm, clean room to extract some of my clogged pores. I was impressed with this because I assumed my consultation was just going to be a discussion of what my skin seems to be reacting to. Needless to say, she extremely met my expectations and gave me more than what I expected! I can’t wait to see her for my next appointment. Jessica F. 05.25.2017

Dermatologist Said There Was Nothing More They Could Do

Jane is absolutely amazing. After experiencing moderate-severe acne for over a decade, I’d tried prescriptions, vitamins, 3-step systems, spa-grade products, detoxes, teas, probiotics, home remedies…You name it, I did it. My dermatologist said there was nothing else they could do for me except prescribe Accutane, which I refused because of the risks and side effects. I would have lived with acne for the rest of my life before I agreed to go on Accutane.
I began praying to be lead me to the right person or product that would help me clear up my skin, and it wasn’t long before I found Skinworks 🙂 By month 3-4, my skin had transformed. I’m not going to lie and say it was painless. The first few appointments were intense but the results were worth every minute of discomfort. Everyone is asking me what I’m using on my skin and I tell them about Jane. If you are struggling with acne and it’s affecting your confidence, you can’t afford not to make an appointment with her. Even the consultation was enlightening, and I thought I knew everything about skin care. She is a blessing. I was not asked to do this review. Acacia M. 07.07.2017

She (Jane) Will Cure Your Acne and Help You Find Out the Problems to Your Breakouts

I honestly love this place and Jane is an amazing facialist. She will cure your acne and help you find out the problems to your breakouts. If you have intensive acne she’s the one to call. Her shop also includes laser hair removal and some body work. She just sometimes doesn’t respond, busy or maybe stopping by the would be a good idea too. But honestly she’s cured me and helps me maintain beautiful skin and I appreciate her so much for it. Her shop has great atmosphere and very nicely decorated. Jane is super positive all the time and super friendly. She also has these types of creams and stuff for your face and it helps you keep your clear skin. I come to her shop once a month now since my skin is mostly good. I don’t break out anymore which is AMAZING. Lily N. 12.15.2016

Jane’s Approach…Very Different…Never Had the Care Like I Do with Jane

I love Jane’s approach to skin care! It’s very different than any other person I have ever experience in my life. I have been to many doctor’s but I never had the care like I do with Jane. What I like about being under Jane’s care is she personalizes your skin regimen to fit your skin needs. During my visits I get the cleanse and repair, sometimes she uses light on me, sometimes she ices me, or even uses a heat cone. Most doctors will tell you apply creams or gels on your face but Jane will give you a list of foods you should avoid, what supplements you should take, shampoos you should avoid and more. If you have any skin issues come to Jane you will not be disappointed. Madison M. 11.27.2016

I am Now Getting My Confidence Back and Very Excited to Attend my Best Friend’s Wedding

Ms. Jane is a wonder woman!  I’ve had a facial accident few months prior to coming to her. I was very scared to go back and get another facial. I was very hesitant but I needed to go because I’m losing confidence and was just getting embarrassed from the break outs and the burnt marks that I suffered from the accident plus I have my best friend’s wedding to attend to in December. I was reading all the yelp reviews carefully and I can’t find one bad review and so I tried her out. I showed her the picture of what happened to my face, she assessed my skin and the products that I’ve used and she asked me to just trust her. I did and it was the best decision of my life. The first extractions were painful but she made sure that she covered my whole face and take all the crap out. After just two weeks I can already see the difference on my skin and I couldn’t be any happier. I am always looking forward to seeing her. She is very responsive and will answer your questions and explain and walk you through the whole process. The 302 skin care works magic! I am now getting my self-esteem back and very excited to attend my best friend’s wedding with a clear acne free face. 🙂 Just trust her and the process and the products. Joana S. 11.15.2017

No More Antibiotics or Expensive Products that Smell Like Feet

Met Jane years ago when I was struggling w adult acne.  Before Jane, I’ve been told my face was incurable.  Doctor prescribed me antibiotics that messed up my stomach and my dermatologist in LA said I had to live in this condition for the rest of my life.  I was spending hundreds of $ per month on acne facial and products that smelled like feet, only to wake up w 8 more zits, I was miserable for 10 yrs.  I coincidentally stumbled into Jane’s website and the rest is history.  Her treatment was very easy and affordable.  My face has been completely cleared. Ko G. 02.16.2017

She’s Extremely Friendly and Caring

Amazing facial. It does hurt a little, which is totally worth it for the result. Jane didn’t try to sell me anything. She’s extremely friendly and caring. She tried her best to talk to me during the facial so that I wouldn’t feel the pain as much. By the way, mine was probably more painful than a normal facial she does because I requested her to go hard. Anyway, everyone’s different when it comes to facials so you should certainly give it a try! Thanks Jane! – Jason X. 01.21.2017

Helped My Skin Become Reliably Clear

Jane is a skin guru! She is so knowledgeable and helped my skin become reliably clear without any medications, nor did she try to sell me a whole new skin care line to achieve my goal. She helped me make slight changes in the routine I already had for a seamless and affordable transition. She is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone who wants clear, vibrant, healthy skin! Kathryn T. 10.15.2016

No Matter What Your Skin Issues Are, Jane Will Be Able To Help

Have been seeing Jane for two years and my skin looks great. She is so knowledgeable and is also a super kind person. No matter what your skin issues are, Jane will be able to help and, in time, your skin will look the best it’s ever looked. Mom B. 07.08.2016

There’ve Even Been Days I’ve Gone Without Makeup Because the Tone of My Skin is Better

After even the first Cleanse & Repair she performed I could tell the difference. My skin’s texture and tone has improved dramatically. And for the first time since I was a teenager I’ve been able to put away the powder and don’t even need to blot my skin in the afternoon.  I always had to spend considerable time through the day checking the inevitable slide and fade of my makeup and now I can go the entire day without thinking of it. There’ve even been days where I’ve gone out without a bit of makeup on because the tone of my skin is better than it’s ever been.

As I turn 49 the freedom to be truly comfortable in my own skin is something that I could never put a price on.  Thank you, Jane, for making my skin something to be proud of instead of something I have to cover up! Debbie J. 06.26.2016

I Wish I Would Have Found Jane Sooner

Love Jane! she’s amazing and is incredible at what she does. It’s only been 2 months and my skin is already clear of acne! I’ve gone to dermatologists and tried many topical treatments that were so expensive for years and they got me no where. I wish I would’ve found Jane sooner. she has all the answers to your skin problems. Merib R. 03.25.2016

At 35 Thought She Would Always Have Acne – Not Anymore!

I have been coming to Jane for acne for 3 months now and all I can say is my skin looks phenomenal. I’m 35 and thought that I would just always have acne because that’s the type of skin that I have. It’s not true…we don’t have to live a life full of acne. Jane is extremely knowledgeable about acne. She is THE BEST at extractions. I have never had smooth skin before. She has manually removed all of the congestion from my cheeks and jawline. In addition, she has taught me to take care of my skin in addition to regular facials. I have eliminated toxic chemicals from my skin and it literally glows now without acne. I love you Jane and Skinworks. Theresa S. 09.26.2015

I Put My Trust in Jane

Had my first meeting yesterday with Jane for a consultation and a facial for my stubborn acne. Originally was brought to this location due to their acne and sensitive skin care specialty.

Jane is super nice, upbeat, and knowledgeable. She works with hyper frequency devices that obliterates all the nasty stuff in your pores, medical grade LED treatments, as well as professional grade products that can be a tad pricey for the larger bottles.

I was recommended the 302 skincare line, and the face reality line. The day of the facial, my skin was tight, clean, and it felt great! The next few days it felt just as great and even more clear if I may add. Although, I’m only on day two of the process, I put my trust in Jane and the recommended products, I will be visiting every two weeks for a facial while using the recommended products at home. I’m looking forward to this process, I definitely will be placing and updated review. Stephen P. 06.21.2015

Wasn’t Looking To Take My Money – But Genuinely Wanted to Help

Jane is great.  I started seeing her about a year and a half ago, and my skin has completely cleared up.  Anytime I need product, she always has what I need and is super friendly when I stop in.  I am fortunate to have found someone who wasn’t looking to take my money, but genuinely wanted to help my acne clear up.  I am so appreciative to Jane and although I just recently moved away, I will continue to use the line because of her!! Kelly F. 03.01.2015

Welcomed With Open Arms

Jane is incredible. When I first started seeing her I had acne on my face and back. Jane welcomed me with open arms and started me on a skin care regiment that has completely changed my skin. It only took a couple months for my skin to clear up to the point where I get compliments on it all the time. I am so grateful for the work she has done with me. Everyone needs to see her!!! Caitlin G. 01.19.2015